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We are in the business of wholesale, import and export of Ghana and Nigerian rice and spices.

1Philip and Sons

2Nii Ayaa Tetegu, Weija, Accra Ghana

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Tested and trusted by our clients.

Ishu Long Grim₵580.00
Mandy Rambo Short Grim₵475.00
Saloni Short Grim₵475.00
Volga Short Grim₵290.00
Riz Nafi Short Grim25kg₵290.00
Indian Ishu short Grim₵475.00
Habiba Short Grim₵480.00
Sela Rice Short Grim₵480.00
Tilemsi Short Grim₵480.00
Oba Ghana Rice₵660.00
Cindy 5KG Ghana Rice₵385.00
Cindy 1KG Ghana Rice₵375.00
K-75 5KG Ghana Rice ₵360.00
Royal Aroma 5KG Ghana Rice₵425.00
Royal Aroma 1KG Ghana Rice₵360.00
Mllicent 5KG Ghana Rice₵400.00
Millicent 1KG Ghana Rice₵360.00
Onga 3Mix Small₵150.00
Onga Stew Small₵150.00
Sankofa Stew Small₵420.00
Sankofa Garlic Small₵420.00
Remie Fish Small₵460.00
Remie Stew Small₵460.00
Remie Chicken Small₵460.00
Onga Tablet₵720.00
Maggi Dedeede₵820.00
Gino Curry Powder₵85.00
Gino 7kg₵105.00
Tasty Tom 7kg₵105.00
Kivo Pepper Small₵130.00
Kivo Pepper Big₵300.00
Kivo Pepper Medium₵280.00

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We are in the business of wholesale, import and export of Ghana and Nigerian rice


We export Ghana and Nigerian rice.

Contact our sales representative on the contact form, livechat,whatsapp or phone call. We are 24/7 active to take your orders

One payment is confirmed, we process your order to your location.

We import Ghana and Nigerian rice..

We are well experienced in the business and sell to our clients at a cheaper rate, a trial will convince you.


"I believe it’s the quality of the rice that help me feel this great as the Philip and Sons Rice makes me."

- Kate Sam

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Nii Ayaa Tetegu, Weija, Accra Ghana

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