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At Philip and Sons Limited, we pride ourselves on being a leading force in the wholesale and distribution domain, specializing in premium Ghanaian and Nigerian rice, select sachet tomatoes, and an exquisite selection of other products and spices. Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and ensuring customer satisfaction has solidified our reputation as a dependable partner for retailers, wholesalers and private or public organizations throughout the greater Accra area. Our extensive network and insightful understanding of the market dynamics allow us to not only supply superior products but also offer bespoke solutions tailored to our clients' unique preferences. In our journey to enhance culinary delights and support our local communities, we adhere to sustainable and ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that every purchase contributes to a greater cause. Our passion for excellence extends to our e-commerce platform, designed with your convenience and security in mind. At Philip and Sons, you can effortlessly browse and order our range of products online, with flexible payment options that include Mobile Money (MoMo) accounts from MTN, TIGO, Vodafone, or debit cards. We guarantee that your goods will be delivered swiftly and safely to your doorstep—within 24 hours for customers in Accra and 48 hours for those residing outside Accra. As a registered company in Ghana engaging in the importation, distribution and wholesale of distinguished food items, we are noted importers of foreign Ghanaian and Nigerian rice from Pakistan, India, Dubai, and Vietnam. Our portfolio includes being the key distributors of renowned sachet tomatoes brands like Gino and Tasty Tom, alongside a comprehensive range of vegetable oil and groundnut oil, spaghetti, Indomie, and spices. Our mission is to provide our customers, wholesalers, retailers private and public organizations, and the end consumers with quality products that cater to their diverse culinary needs. Choose Philip and Sons for an online shopping experience that combines quality, convenience, and care. We are eager to welcome you into our family of satisfied customers. Partner with us today for an unmatched commitment to quality and service that you can feel and taste.

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Mr. Philip Chinedu Okereke is an illustrious graduate of the Political Science Department at Madonna University, Okija, where he distinguished himself by graduating top of his class in 2014 with an exceptional 4.4 GPA. His academic excellence was just the beginning of a journey marked by professionalism, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to his goals. In 2015/2016, during his mandatory NYSC service in Makurdi, Benue State, Philip quickly demonstrated his exceptional capabilities and leadership skills at Emchoney Global Limited. Beginning his career as a humble storekeeper, he displayed remarkable acumen and dedication, propelling him to the position of company Manager within a mere six months, a testament to his work ethic and managerial prowess. Seeking to broaden his horizons, Philip ventured to South Africa after three years at Emchoney to pursue a diploma in Digital Marketing from Shaw Academy. This strategic move was a clear indication of his desire to keep evolving professionally, staying abreast with the dynamic digital marketing landscape. On completing his studies, Philip embraced the life of a freelance entrepreneur, leveraging platforms like Fiverr to offer his expertise while also working part-time as a Bolt driver. This period was not just about earning a livelihood, it was a calculated effort to save and invest in his dream of building a business empire. Mr. Philip entry into the Ghanaian market with a rice and groceries venture marked a significant milestone in his entrepreneurial journey. He didn't just set up a business he strategically positioned himself as a distributor, rapidly expanding to establish multiple wholesale outlets. This strategic expansion was not merely about profit it was a step towards realizing his larger vision. Each outlet represented a brick in the castle he was building, embodying his philosophy of steady, incremental growth towards the realization of a multinational corporation. Mr. Philip professional journey is a narrative of unwavering dedication, strategic planning, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. He is a figure of inspiration, demonstrating that with a clear vision, steadfast commitment, and a willingness to adapt and grow, remarkable achievements are within reach. His story resonates with aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals alike, reminding them that success is a gradual process, built one step at a time.

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Tested and trusted by our clients.


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